Ensemble-driven product engineering

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Full-spectrum technical services to help you thrive in the digital economy

Market Validation & Roadmapping

Measure twice, cut once: Collaboratively sharpen your vision to define concrete product requirements before committing resources to a build-out.

MVP Development

Full-stack software development to get from zero to one, prioritizing speed of execution without sacrificing maintainability.

Feature Iteration

8+ years of expertise with common SaaS paradigms: Service-oriented and majestic-monolith architectures, API integrations, continuous integration and delivery, and much more.

Performance Optimization

Identify and address inefficiencies before they constrain you from scaling: database schema optimization, concurrency and parallelism, tech-stack-specific optimizations.

Maintenance & Support

TLC for legacy code—bug fixes, major refactoring, full rewrites. Code review and architecture audits. Internationalization and localization. DevOps, ChatOps, infrastructure automation (AWS, Heroku, DigitalOcean).


Payment processor integration (Stripe, Braintree), Shopify, Solidus, search engine optimization, social media marketing.

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